Here at Christ Bible Church we care deeply about people. With that in mind, we truly and sincerely believe that the most loving thing we could do for you is to share God’s message of love, grace, and redemption with you.

Fortunately, God is not silent and in fact, he has spoken very clearly in his Word, the Bible, which declares and illustrates that truth has the power to change people’s lives. Through faith in Jesus Christ, we can experience complete forgiveness and be set free to glorify God through knowing, loving and serving Him wholeheartedly. This is the purpose of God for creating humanity.

If you have never heard God’s message of salvation clearly presented, the following video will provide you with the most important, exciting, crucial, and life-changing information you will ever hear. If you have heard and believed God’s message of love in Christ Jesus, this video will serve you by helping you to better understand and present it to others with greater accuracy and conviction. So, either way, watch it with all seriousness, and even share it with others. Remember, we at Christ Bible Church are glad to help you any way we can. Please contact us if there is anything we can do for you.

Now, listen carefully as Chris and Jason explain God’s message of love, grace, and redemption in more detail.

Paid in full. Part 1 of 2

Paid in full. Part 2 of 2


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