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We are thankful for your interest in our church here in Cranberry Township, Pennsylvania. We are an independent Bible Church, meaning, we support our own missionaries and do not answer to an outside governing authority. We hope that this website will provide you with the information you are seeking to know about our fellowship.

At Christ Bible Church, it is our conviction that God's Word, the Bible, is inspired, without error, authoritative and sufficient. This conviction drives us to shape our theology, worship and practices solely on the basis of what God's Word has to say rather than the current trend.

Because of His marvelous mercy and grace, we have the privilege of gathering together as a body to worship God and give thanks for His unspeakable gift. We welcome you to visit and join with us in worshipping our great God and Savior, Jesus Christ. If you would like to learn more about Christ Bible Church or have additional questions, please explore this site or feel free to contact us (724.776.2780).


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